DIY Stir Plate

DIY Magnetic Stir PlateThe magnetic stir plate is an integral part of any lab. The magnetic stirring rod will save you a ton of time, freeing you up to work on something else. Well you’re in luck on this one. There are a ton of tutorials on creating your own DIY stir plate, mainly because stir plates are not just used in DIY bio, but are used in other things such as brewing. Both DIY bio and brewers are after the same thing, fully mixing ingredients into a solution without killing your shoulder and forearms or having to take turns.

I’m only going to highlight a couple of the DIY stir plate designs out there for two simple reasons: 1. Most of the tutorials are videos, making them easier to follow and 2. the majority of them have the same basic components and same basic idea; get the magnet out of an old computer, glue it on to the top of a computer fanĀ and box the entire thing in an enclosure strong enough to hold some glassware full of liquid on top.

DIY Stir Plate From a Computer Tear Down

Check out this short video tutorial on building a stir plate from Beer Mumbo. Pretty easy.

DIY Stir Plate without Tearing Apart a Hard Drive

Weirdbeer (the handle of YouTuber) uses hot glue and two small rare earth magnets rather than tearing apart a computer. He also does a good job of saying where he got things from and about how much it is, making this one of the better DIY stir plate tutorials.

All in all, you should be able to get your magnetic stir plate done for 20 bucks or less, depending on what kind of components/electronics you have lying around.

Written Magnetic Stir Plate Instructions

If you’re looking for a bit more details, like a materials list and a run down or necessary tools, etc, then you should check out this instructabiles. It uses a cigar box as its base, which is apparently pretty popular among the brewing folks, seeing as how it’s shown up in two of our three DIY magnetic stir plate instruction sets.

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