DIY Gel Electrophoresis

If you’re building out your own DIY bio lab, you’re going to need to find designs for a diy gel electrophoresis chamber sooner or later. Below are the best designs and cheapest diy electrophorsis chambers out there.

University of Utah’s DIY Gel Electrophoresis Chamber

DIY Gel ElectrophoresisMy first thought when I came across this university instruction set was that someone was seriously underfunded if they were having to build their own lab equipment. Turns out, however, that the University of Utah was just improving on some initial designs by a Colorado high school teacher.

What the mountain living folks at the University of Utah have created is impressive. Not the chamber- I’m sure it’s great. I’m talking about the tutorial itself. It’s phenomenal. You get a complete parts list, exact measurements, clear pictures. You even get exact part names and product IDs for the items they used.

This is by far and away the best DIY gel electrophoresis on here, so unless you’re wanting something that looks cooler, is tons cheaper, or is high production value, you can stop right here and just get started. While the PDF instruction set is 15 pages long, don’t let that scare you. The bulk of the content comes from their fidelity to precision in their instructions and not from the complexity of the build.

Mini DIY Gel Electophoresis

DIY Gel Electrophoresis by JoRodeoThis DIY eletrophoresis tutorial is brought to you by JoRodeo, who I couldn’t find much information about. She did a killer job though, and the finished product looks great. She’s also done a few other DIY projects you can find here, including a DIY transluminator (two of them), a colorimeter, and a power supply for the gel electrophoresis.

There are a few complaints, however. Her instructions don’t appear to be complete, with people in the comment section asking her additional questions about parts, materials, and things she doesn’t show (like the building of or inclusion of the comb). JoRodeo does a good job answering the questions, however, and steers people away from the expensive platinum wire and towards the affordable stainless steel wire.

Cheap Ass Gel Box

Cheap Ass Gel Electrophoresis ChamberThis instruction set wins the award for cheapest and least precise DIY gel electrophoresis on our list. The guy basically used a Dremel tool (which we used to make a DIY microcentrofuge) in order to cut a comb out of acrylic as well as to fashion the holes for the electrodes for this sucker. He successfully ran a gel, so that’s impressive. Does things look very precise or accurate? Nah. Does it only cost a twenty to make? Yup. Check it out.

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